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At C3 Services Group our mission is to help insurance agencies to focus on increasing their revenue through sales. Our staff  takes the tedious but necessary tasks off our client’s plates and allows them to focus on driving the revenues of their business.

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Over the past two decades it has become clear that insurance agencies need to focus on what drives their revenue and that is sales.  Our mission of helping and serving these agencies has resulted in tremendous growth for the businesses we work with.

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Finding a job at C3 Services group that is right fit for you, and applying for that position, is now easy. Find a posting on one of our third party websites, apply through that website, and attend an interview. Once you're hired, we'll work with you to get you settled in your new position.

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At C3 Services group, we invest in our staff. We offer industry leading compensation packages and incentives, such as health care, dental, and 401k benefits

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Naivagate to one of our third party hiring vendors to check out our latest job postings. From there you can apply and someone will reach out to you shortly to let you know how to proceed.

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Here are C3 Services Group we are always looking for Recruiting Coordinators, Office Managers, Social Media Managers, Executive Assistants, Professional Sales Representatives, and Entry Level Sales Representatives. Apply for our open positions through these third parties:


“C3 Services Group is our business partner. They handle the little things so we can focus on the important things that drive our business.”

Houston, TX

“We were really struggling to find quality candidates to fill admin roles at our company until we started working with C3 Services Group. They literally hand pick the perfect people for our company. Thanks, C3”

Cedar Park, TX

“If you’re in sales you know how difficult it can be to get quality leads. C3 Services manages our ad campaigns, screens the lead submissions, and delivers the lead data in real time directly to our CRM. Our salespeople can focus on talking to qualified prospects.”

Boise, ID

“Finding sales professionals for our agency was such an overwhelming task until we got connected with C3 Services Group. Our office is growing rapidly with their help and we can focus on developing our new sales representatives and growing our business.”

Raleigh, NC

“I didn’t know the first thing about internet marketing but quickly realized it was critical to help me build my business. Thankfully I came across C3 Services and they took over. They helped us develop our brand and make it relevant in our industry.”

Billings, MT


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